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4 Reasons to Register for the 2012 PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Chesapeake Conference Today!

October 5, 2012

Wanna know why you should register now for the PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Chesapeake (#Chessie12) Conference?

4. Clear Your Schedule!

By registering early, you can block the day out on your calendar, eliminating the possibility that one of your colleagues will schedule an important meeting with you that day.

3. Get a Jumpstart on Your Networking!

Research the presenters and keynote speaker in advance so you know who you want to meet at the conference.  Gotta capitalize on that investment!

2. Formulate Your Plan of Attack!

Read over the agenda and figure out which sessions you’d like to attend.  You can choose to participate in all the sessions in one of the three tracks (PR Essentials, Social Media, and Strategic Business/Leadership) or mix and match from the 12 seminars.  Make sure to mark your calendar to arrive early at the conference for the networking breakfast and stay for the happy hour as well!

1. Save Some $$$ (and guarantee your spot)!

That’s right — the No. 1 reason to sign up today is to take advantage of the early bird discount and save, save, save!  Also, don’t let anyone take your spot because space is limited!


Ethics Moments – What’s Yours?

June 21, 2011

Let’s get an ethics discussion going! What was the most ethically questionable thing an employer or client asked you to do? What are some recent ethical dilemnas you’ve come across?

Post them in the comments section!

Ethics Moment: Claims and Endorsements

May 9, 2011

You are the communications director for a nonprofit organization. The purpose of the organization is to promote recycling. Your board of trustees wants to issue a “Green Seal of Approval” to companies and organizations that recycle.

What counsel do you provide about this idea?

Guidance — Professional Standard 12 Questionable Environmental Claims and Endorsements (Greenwashing)

Encourage your board to develop a clear definition of the “Seal of Approval” to educate the public about the purpose behind this recognition. Set up a transparent process for review, and identify an objective panel to evaluate the recycling program of an organization and to award the “Seal of Approval.”

Ethics Moment – Knowledge Disclosure

April 11, 2011

You have worked for three years as a communication specialist in the communications department of a major bank. You recently lost your job because of a company downsizing. You are preparing for a job interview with a major public relations firm that has two major banks as clients. You want to present the campaigns you worked on for your recent employer in your interview. Your immediate supervisor at the bank led the campaign.

How do you explain your role in the campaign in the interview?

Guidance – Professional Standard 10 Inflating Resumes, Credentials and Capabilities

Describe the work you did on a project in clear, simple, truthful language. It is unethical to claim total credit for work done by a group of individuals, subcontractors and vendors.

Ethics Moment – Pay to Play

March 28, 2011

You are a freelance writer. A statewide travel magazine contracts you to do an article about an Amish area in your state. You and your family are invited to spend a weekend in the Amish area to experience accommodations, restaurants, retail stores and other attractions for your article. All expenses will be paid by the local chamber of commerce.

How can you accept this writing assignment?

Guidance — Professional Standard 9 Pay to Play

One option is to pay for all your expenses for this weekend trip. Another option, if you and your family receive free or reduced prices for this weekend trip, is to include this information in your article. This protects your independence and integrity as a journalist.

Ethics Moment – Online Practices

March 14, 2011

You work in the public relations department of a manufacturer of baby care products. You are in charge of publicizing a new product for diaper rash. In your research, you find that new moms like to blog because they can connect with other moms at their convenience from home. There are five major mommy blogs nationwide. A major strategy in your campaign is to communicate about your product through these blogs.

How do you ethically participate in these blogs?

Guidance — Professional Standard 8 Deceptive Online Practices and Misrepresentation

Participate in the blogs by clearly identifying who you are and represent. Do not engage in or encourage the practice of misrepresenting organizations or individuals through the use of the blogs, viral marketing, social media and/or anonymous Internet postings.

Ethics Moments – Front Groups

February 26, 2011

A big box retailer has retained your public relations agency to develop a campaign so that they can build in a specific location. The strategy is to create a business economic promotion for the local community. The promotion will include general statements from local political and business leaders about the importance of economic development to the future of the community. The retailer has asked your firm to develop and execute the campaign, including contacting the local business leaders, as the retailer prefers not to have its name associated with the campaign. You are asked to form a community organization to sponsor the campaign.

How do you identify your agency’s relationship with the campaign?

Guidance — Professional Standard 7 Front Groups

This is a front group, which requires open communications to inform the public that this campaign is funded by the big box organization and organized by your agency. A campaign that does not disclose this information should be avoided, because it constitutes improper conduct and malpractice under the PRSA Code of Ethics.